:: indigauxx’s introspection ::

a couple of days ago i was set on a whirlwind. the universe “love tapped” me with a reality check and life began to shift. i was sleepwalking (a post explaining that coming soon).

i snapped back to that things and realized i have work to do. lots of it.

this lead me to have a personal “workshop” of my own this weekend. this post is a little recollection of what i can share. this is a weekend filled with exploration, meditation, journeying, conversations with the universe, my guides, my teachers and everything in between. i’m gearing up for my next task.

:: welcome to indigauxx’s introspection ::

a little diary of my weekend in spirituality, magick and transformation.

:: saturday ::

– 8:00 am –

this morning starts out with me stretching. waking up my body and mind. allowing it to breathe and be. i remember hearing once that humans are the only animals that do not stretch when they wake up.

why is that?

after stretching, i felt great. it felt like energy meridians were awake now as well and the energy was able to flow through me with ease.

from here, i went downstairs and began to watch one of my favorite youtubers, ralph smart, as i did some creative thinking.

– 12:02 pm –

after breakfast, i watched a movie from the 80s with my family. it’s a favorite and it really touches me. past life feelings. after the movie, i talked with my mom and she shared more stories from the island. the history is amazing, especially of our family. much more connected than i imagined!

we started looking at life and making plans to do more connecting with our ancestors and deities. although we are not exactly “westernized” since living in the US and have a fairly solid practice, there is much more we can and should do.

so preparation for that begins!

my parents are heading out now and my brother is taking a nap, so it’s just me time now. what will i do?

– 5:24 pm –

i am back home now. i went out with my mom. visited some family and had great talks about balance between westernization and the opposite along with life choices. i love having these talks, we’re always challenged and it’s great for our evolution.

after visiting family, we were on a little drive and i finished “the mastery of self” FINALLY. i’ve procrastinated on reading that book but let me tell you, it worked out perfectly. the last chapters i had left to read are so pertinent to my life right now, it’s absurd. i couldn’t have planned this more perfectly. don miguel ruiz was always a favorite of mine and his son has become another.

their wisdom touches me deeply and i connect with it so easily.

now, i am sitting in my room. windows bright and open, hearing the sounds of life. i’m trying to figure out what to do next as i type this and right here, i can see a great opportunity.

i have a lot of these moments, where i just sit and think about what to do. time passes me by and i’ve accomplished nothing although having so many things to do. i want to do better!

so rather than aimlessly roaming my phone or thinking, i will clean. there, it’s decided! i want my space to be clean for tonight’s workings and i have the present moment to do it. 🖤

– 9:11 pm –

i just scurried my startled ass downstairs. i was about to workout and walked into the bathroom; closed the door and i don’t know where this bizarre sound manifested from but i scurried my 110 lb self so fast. i know this has to do with my journey earlier but i will write about that in my next update. gahdamnn.

– 12:22 am –

i am exhausted. i can’t wait to go to bed and dream.

a little recollection.

earlier, i did a little journey meditation. i was “in my head” for a bit of it but there was a moment when i decided to just surrender. i surrendered to myself. i surrendered to my authentic self. at that moment, it’s like i entered a shooting portal into this beautiful space. my secret place.

i received some messages in that time. i plan to return tomorrow and receive some more.

later on, i continued on with other tasks for the day. i do feel as though i slacked a bit although i did everything i wanted to do. i do need to be nicer to myself, that much is true. tomorrow, though, i will do my best.

let’s see what my best is.

:: sunday ::

– 9:39 am –

i woke up and at first, i started scrolling on my phone. i quickly caught myself, analyzed how i was feeling at the moment and decided, i was going to start my morning with yoga.

so i did.

i just finished my session and now i am drinking water. this is important. it’s the simplest way i can say thank you to my body. it’s the simplest way i can say “i love you” to me.

now i am going to plan the rest of the day which will including starting a new book, tons of creating, and some magick too.

i’m going to do my best today.

– 10:25 am –

planning the day didn’t take long as i forget i already planned it last night. i started scrolling my phone again and ding! a bell went off. i can see i’m building a helpful habit.

i analyzed how i felt and decided to meditate and speak to the universe, my guides. i will not share much about this session but it was amazing. i cried. i am still crying now. i am forever thankful for every being who has crossed my life and led me to this point. i am forever thankful to the universe. for you, i will continue to do my utter best and work hard.

thank you.

– 12:55 pm –

i finished a little of my work. now i’m waiting in a parking lot for my brother so of course, this is a great time to think and reflect. the next step of my journey is going to be challenging and i will definitely be scouting a new area but i am excited. i can’t wait to share this with you all.

this journey isn’t easy. there are ups and downs but i think what makes the difference is the “value”. it is common to put higher value to negative experiences and lesser values to positive experiences, even if you’re unaware.

a simple example. you bring your books to school everyday for months but just one day, you forgot a book you needed. you are going to beat yourself up for that one negative experience. you may call yourself an idiot. this is going to ruin your whole day. but let’s really take a look at things.

let’s say for a solid 60 days, you brought your books to school not forgetting one, isn’t that something to be proud of! you made a simple human error which compared to the 60 days is nadaaaa. so why beat yourself up? why give that one negative experience greater value?

i think that’s something spirituality teaches you to balance. i’m sure all great spiritual teachers make mistakes and have negative experiences, but they do not give those experiences such great value to the point where it overshadows everything else?


– 5:10 pm –

i spoke about ups and downs earlier and that’s insane because my day took a down. i definitely wallowed for a bit but then i remembered. i remembered what i said before. this “hurdle” thrown at me is a big one. but of course. it matches this next journey.

i am hopeful that i will jump over it.

i am putting my trust in the universe. i trust that they will help me as long as i keep moving.

it will be fine.

– 7:43 pm –

i am in the car. leaving the beach. i went to my other home. the ocean. i took some time to talk to the ocean spirits, do a little magick and collect whatever they had for me. it’s a wicked experience. i feel much better now and i feel a new sense of hope   and perseverance. once again, thank you to the universe and my guides. 🖤

– 8:25 pm –

although my day isn’t over, this little diary is. this weekend was phenomenal for many reasons. this is a weekend i NEEDED. if you’ve r day everything, thank you, thank you, thank you.

this coming week, i will be sharing something from this weekend. a piece of my new chapter. an in-depth post about it will be made but for a little tease, i will be offering spiritual services such as divination readings, personal workshop plans if you’d like to have a transformative weekend such as the one i just had, and personal one week sessions on different aspects such as starting spirituality, understanding your intuition and more 🖤

this was my introspection 🖤

:: indigauxx ::

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