:: shlumped and getting over it

my oh my

i truly dig 2017 and the way it is going so far, even with it’s ups and down. i know this is going to be the year i really do shit! it’s all i can do. i’ve spent a lot of time working behind the scenes in my own little bubble and it’s time i pop this little bubble and integrate with the space outside of my bubble.

i was feeling a little shlumped.

so many different emotions and worries and doubts were running through my mind. i was thinking of everything wrong and all of the bad things that could happen. i was falling into traps of self-deprecating behavior.


i quickly got myself out of that!

i spent time and let the emotions run through but i did not let them take over. i have found that letting every emotion just flow makes life so much easier. letting every emotion flow with the current instead of trying (and failing) to repress them and go against the current really allows me to see the lesson in these experiences.

i feel rejuvenated!

with that, i am getting into a new groove. keeping/getting back my good habits, tossing the bad ones and replacing those with new good habits. it’s going to be a work of art in progress. it’s truly a balancing act. there will be great days and there will be bad days but every day will be a step closer to my destinations.

i’m going to work on every project i have set in motion with 200% effort and energy. no more half-assing ANYTHING. if i’m going to do it, i’m going to do it all the way. why waste my time doing something, if i’m not going to put my whole heart into it?

i have slacked on this blog and website, only posting the bare minimum but i thank the 25(ish) people who check on this blog fairly regularly. i am currently preparing a lot of content to share on this blog, much more than i have before. no more half-assing this blog!

no more half-assing anything or slacking on anything! this goes for everything. my youtube channel, printables, art, boutique, music, my creative company, absolutely everything.

let’s kick ass.

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